Folk Art and Customs

One of the oldest folk-art is the pottery. Pottery is not used in the everyday-life, but almost everyone have some for decoration. Native motives are different in different parts of the country. Pottery has been more common in the last years.

Gingerbread Gingerbread must be there in every flea market. Children like the colorful heart-shaped honey-cake which ususally has a mirror in the middle.

Leather goods Leader-goods are important part of folk-art. These scourges would decorate your house well. Horsebreeding is an old Hungarian tradition. hungarian horses are parts of international trade today too.

There are beautiful Hungarian folk-costumes - I'll set up a page about native dresses very soon. This is the most colorful one - from Kalocsa. This small town near to Danube is famous from its "paprika" too. Hungarian 'paprika' is the most important ingredient of many Hungarian dishes. (See my page about food)

This is a typical folk-band you can find in native restaurants as well. Besides the "gypsy-music", there are beautiful Hungarian folk-songs.