Food and Restaurants

Folk-Restaurants These small folk-restaurants (csarda) can be found all over the country. Of course, you need to go out from Budapest, but there are a lot of them all around the Lake Balaton or everywhere else. There are more and less expensive and in many of them you can enjoy folk-music while you eat.

Vine Cellars Hungarians like vine and in several parts of the country vine-growing has been common for centuries. The most famous vines grow on the slope of Badacsony (North Balaton) and Tokaj (Northern Hills). There are this kind of vine-cellar restaurants all over Hungary.

Fish-soup is very common in Hungary, even though we never eat sea-fish. Kecseg, csuka, keszeg -some types of fish of Balaton and the major rivers. Be careful - it is often hot! Most often the second dish after the fish-soup is pasta with cottage cheese and sour cream.

Gulyas This is another "hot soup", probably the most known Hungarian food - the gulyas soup. I have tried to get the original favor of gulyas in the USA - in vain. It is the best with Hungarian pepper, onion and tomato - and the other "secret ingrediens". You can find several recepies among my links and some of them are really good. But well, try the original one - in Hungary!

Stuffed Cabbage This is my favourite hungarian dish: Stuffed cabbage. It was a success every time when I offered it to Americans as well. We really stuff the leaves of the cabbage I found some Hungarian butchers in the US who sell these special leaves. It is worth it to try.

Cakes Finally a real Hungarian "cake", called "retes". It is delicious, stuffed with cabbage, poppy seed, cottage cheese or cherry. Many women can make the dough by hand on a big table for example my mother-in-law.