OK. This is the most known Hungarian dog. The Puli is a medium sized, active dog with a distinctive appearance. He wears a corded coat, and with his tail carried curled tightly over his back, it’s sometimes hard to tell if he’s coming or going. He is extremely active, intelligent, and manipulative. He is happy and playful to an advanced age. Puli is supremely self-confident and self-possessed. He may choose to be either out-going or discriminating in his relationships, but he will always guard his own from any intrusion. He is a loud, expressive watch dog, but does not usually bark inappropriately. He is very serious about his responsibilities, which means that he will tend to stay with his premises to make sure things are properly managed. Most Puli are black, with the next most numerous color in Hungary being Fako, a color best described as that of the inside of a whole wheat roll (zsemle, in Hungarian). There are also white Pulis.

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