Famous Hungarian Composers

Attention: Names are written according to Hungarian grammar and customs. You might have seen them written differently.

1. Erkel Ferenc (1810-1893)
He was the most significant Hungarian composer in the 19th century, the creator of the Hungarian opera. He was pianist and conductor at the National Theatre. He was the leader of the Hungarian Academy of Music from 1875 to 1888.
His most famous operas: "Hunyadi László" (1844), which became Hungary's national opera and "Bánk Bán" (1861), based on the historical drama of Joseph Katona.

2. Liszt Ferenc (1811-1886)
Composer, piano artist. He played on concerts since the age of 8. he was a student in Pest, Vienna, Pozsony and Paris. He lived in Germany after 1840. He established the Hungarian Music Academy.

3. Bartók Béla (1881-1945)
Composer, piano artist, music educator, member of the Hungarian Academy. His operas, Bluebeard's Castle and The Miraculous Mandarin are important part of the classical music of the 20th century. His famous "Cantata Profana" is a hymn of friendship among nationalities. AFter 1940 he lived in New York.

4. Kodály Zoltán (1882-1967)
Kodály, a colleague of Bartók in the early collection of folk music in Hungary and neighbouring regions, made his career in Hungary, where the system of musical education he devised has had a profound effect, as it has abroad. His major works the comic opera Háry János, the Psalmus hungaricus, the 'Peacock' Variations for orchestra and the Dances of Marosszék and Galánta.

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