Edward Sabo (Szabo) OBASEF@AOL.COM Relatives, unknown Came to US in 1912. Kerekes family from Mátészalka and Kertész family from Sárospatak Anyone with last names of Tolnai, Bányai, Branholen or RaucherFrom Budapest or Munkács

Susan James (Kalmar) Jozsef László Kalmár, Grandfather,born 1907
Piroska Csuri, Grandmother, born 1911
Gabor Kalmár, Uncle, (Still Living) lives in Budapest (Doctor Degree)
Sandor Kalmár, Uncle, (Still Living) lives in Szeged (Doctorate Degree)
Aranka Kalmár, Aunt, (has married, do not know married last name)
My father was born in Szeged Hungary on June 20,1935 his name is Joseph László Kalmár. His fathers name was Jozsef László Kalmár, born 1907. I am trying to research my father's ancestors (listed left)to learn more about them.
F. Kolar Family
(Paternal G.Grandparents) and
V.Fibus Family (Paternal G.Grandparents)
The Kolar and Fibus families were last known to reside in Budapest about 1905 I have some photos which may be helpful to identify individuals.
Jo Ann V.Goroncy Sosnowski
Birkás and Padar family
Padar family lives in Karcag(more information provided)
Rudolf József
Fekete Janos es Anna-Mária the woman is my fathers sisterThey were last living in Tatabánya but moved somewhere else. János Fekete was a police officer. He was an air force pilot in the 1950's.
Eva BarthBurck Magda Naray (maiden name)My father, Alfred Barth, and Magda's mother, Mariska Naray, were siblings. She would be about 75. I don't know her married name. She had a son. That is all I know.
Catherine Martin and Ilona Dienan (deceased)(or Diesen)
Martin Dienan (en, or Diesen) wworked for Cunard Lines as
an advance man for Hunagarian emigration to the US. He lived in
Budapest circa 1880-1890. Ilona was his daughter born circa 1890. I am looking for any possible relative.
Dorothy Vendel and Anna Harysun Pondur(grandparents)
Came to Amercia approxmiately 1907, probably from Budapest.Died approxmiately 1920. Looking for relatives.
Mary Campbell Laszlo VaszayLaszlo was in the air nation guard in los angeles in 1961. He was sent to the birmingham,
then to France with my husband Bobby Campbell They spent 10 months in France.
Jármai Serák Dá Serák Mihály(birth : 1808)
Serák Sándor
great-great-great-grandfather 's brother
Traditionally my familly came from Scotland
to Hungary but the new name (Serák) didn't look like a Scottish name.
Joseph M. Lenyijoe11611@aol.comLenyi and Rachler families My father was born in Nezsa, a small village north of Budapest. I know there a few Lenyi's living there as I met some will on vacation last year. My mother was born in Nagy-Michaly, now Mihalovce, east of Kosice (Kassa). Her name was Rachler and her mother's name was Rigle.
teri Ancestors of Janos Kiss my Great Grandfather in WesternHungary,
and Julia Pruczki my Great Grandmother
these two people immigrated between 1900 and 1907 to Pennsylvania. Janos had two brothers - Frank and Julius and one sister, Minci. Minci later returned to Hungary. I think Janos' fathers name was Ferencz and his mother Terez Vagai Or Nagy.
Stephen Bertalan Boris and Elizabeth Pasternak
Great-Great Grandfather and Grandmother.
Any information would be appreciated.
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