Mostert. Maren Gabriella Kesselbauer,
I'm looking for information about my Hungarian grandmother, born in Miskolc, Hungary. Born in 1900. Her father was born in Austria.His occupation in Hungary was civil servant. My grandmother fled to Holland (early 1930??), with one of her sisters.
Ronai Peter Ronai family from Tatabanya Father: Rónai Ernő, Grandfather: Rónai Mór both came from Tatabanya. I am looking for any relatives from this side of the family
Jenny Pal Steiner Szilagyi,Karolyi Steiner
great uncle and g.g father
info: Karolyi Steiner lived at #18 Hungaria Korut, Budapest before WWII. He was married to Berta Weisz. His son, Pal Steiner, changed his name to Szilagyi in 1950. I would appreciate any information on my family members.
Elizabeth Janos Tegyi, Theresa Grund
g.g father, g.mother
Janos Tegyi born ca 1850 married first wife Scholastica Roth. Had several sons...Janos and Martin who came to the US. With second wife he had at least one son named Imre. Theresa Grund, came from Veszprem to New York ca 1900 and married Janos Tegyi. Her sisters Catherine and Veronica.
Dan Michael and Anna Almashy
g.g grandparents
Born and lived in RaskaN and Abara,Zemplen Megye.(1850-1898)Anna came to America 1898 after Mihaly died.I would like to find out if relatives of these people are still in the area. Spelling could be Almashy or Almassy
Andrew Martin Henyecz relatives Family lived near to villages of Szalona and Doveny in Northwest Hungary. Grandmother's married name is Bede.
Deborah Mikel Latzko, Maria Sitzman
Mikel and Maria came to Us from Abauj, Hungary in the early 1900's. Settled in Jay, Maine. They had three children Mikel, Andrew and Lizzie. Surname is also spelt Latzko, Lacko, Latsko. Sitzman is also Cicman, Szizman, Sisman,Tzizman. Any information about this family would be great.
Ron John and Amelia Murar
My grandparents were born in hungary and came to US between 1900 and 1916. They had one son, John
Maria Esther Maria Desko, Steve John Orto
Esther was born May 19,1897 possibly in Budapest to Peter & Marie Desko. She had a brother James and a twin sister possibly Ann. Esther arrived in NY? about 1907. Steve Orto arrived in USA around 1882.
Sharon Math Hipp, Mary Zsarnotsy
Math and Mary were born in Tevel, Hungary in 1899 and in 1896 respectively. Relatives are still living there. My aunt, their daughter was born in Budapest.
Monica Rez Rez Family
Margaret(Mocsari) any descendants of Mocsari Imre or other Mocsaris, or anythe Fohn family Searching the grandchildren of Mocsari Imre's daughter Manci,but I don't know their surname. First names Peter and Gabi. They lived in Budapest and their father was a pediatrist.
Ronald and Marjorie Kereszturi McComb Visk Family of Researching the following Visk Families: Kereszturi, Pikolcz, Otvos, Imre, Botos, Igyarto, Szepi. Also Kallista family of Lnare - Bohemia, - often spelled as Kallister, and Collister. They settled in the Peoria Ill area in the 1850's.
Ronald M. Hahn rmhahn@avci.netPikolczSimon and Mary (KLING) Hahn Simon Hahn was born in Kiskoros, Hungary in 1881 and came to America in 1907. His wife Mary (KLING) Hahn born in 1886 came on the Fredrich de Gross with their one year old son Joseph Hahn in 1908. Simon was assigned to a Miklo's Kntrsera (sp) in Cincinnati, Ohio. They settled in the Unionville, MI area.
Vivian Bullock any relativesLooking for relatives of Istvan (Steven) & Mary (nee Vanyo)Arvai who came to the USA in 1899. They had a daughter, born March 1898 (Anna Arvai). Steven was born in Austria, Hungary.
Lynne Sokoly Radicke family in Hungary of Andras Szokolyi or Sokoly Andras Szokolyi (or Sokoly)born in Rakos (Austro-Hungarian Empire now in Slovakia) in 1882. Sailed to US in 1899 (1900) and lived in Pa. Father Györgyi and mother Erzsébet.
Steve Brickse SteveBrickse@att.netMushinsky-Brichxe's Father Maria Mushinsky-Brichxe BD- 12/12/1861, Geza Mushinsky BD (1864),had 2 sisters and 3 brothers: Bela, Janos, Gyula. She was born in Kenyhecz, Abauj-Torna, Hungary, and married Emelea Brichxe from Zwierzyniec, Wygoda, Poland on 11/7/1882. They had 6 children: Erno,Maria,Artur Bela,Ilona,Jozsef,Lajos-my father.
Pat Eros peros1@juno.comJoseph Mitchell annd Katalin Zonai Eros Katalin Zonai and Joseph Mitchell EROS raised their family in Neuzina that later became part of Yugoslavia. I would like to find out sg. about them or their relatives.
Michael Drigics drigics4@hotmail.comAnyone with the last name Drigics I would like to know if there is any Drigics in the world? Also looking for my brother, Janos.
Bonnie Vance bonnie@app-net.comMichael and John Kozma
grandfather, great grandfather
Michael was born 1880 and married Theresa. They left Hungary around 1906. His parents were John and Elizabeth.
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