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John John and Frances Malinak Milles
John Milles b.1887 in Uibetz and Frances Malinak b.1884 in Schavafalwa. I cannot locate these towns. Have the names changed? Any guidance would be appreciated.
Toni Hoenmikewh@mail.bright.netAnton and Teresia Ruck Schlesinger
Anton and Teresia immigrated to USA around 1920 from Arad, Hungary (now Romania) Anton Schlesinger: 1869-1934 (parents: Wilhelm Schlesinger and Anna Witman) and Teresia Ruck (parents: Ludwig Ruck Rosie Bloch)
Donald Stephen Mesko, Barbara Hayus
Barbara (b. Dec. 3, 1845) her parents: Michel Hayus and Eva Baitus (or Bajtus). They had at least one child my great grandfather, Stephen, b. Oct. 12, 1862.
Sharon Paul Blasko and Mary Mandics
Paul (b.1885) came from Felsoveresmart which is now Velyka Kopanja in 1909. Mary (b.1895)came from Velyki Komnjata in 1913. Been looking for relatives.
Barbara Faric Ondrusek and Zduuka Fani Klinovski Looking for people who related to my g. g.mother Justina Klinowsky, Klinowski, Klinovsky,or Klinovski. She came to the US in 1900 and married a F. Lattal. They came from Strossmajerova YU or Osejch,Croatia.
Mary B Heist Veronica Takacs and Anna Kelecsa
Veronica Takacs was born in Fulokercs, Faj diocese 23 Feb 1829 - married Josephus Tizedes born 2 Feb 1842. Anna Kelecsa was born 6 Aug 1847, married Mihaly Varga 2 June 1868 and then, when he died 1 Dec 1879, she married Jozsef Safranjos 4 Nov 1883 in Sarospatak.
Yael Spitzer Someone from the Spitzer or Katz or Lichtainshtain families
any relatives
We all live in Israel now- but I am trying to find any unknown relatives. Thanks.
Pat Achord Duczer and Orosz family My grandfather was Mike Duczer and my grandmother was Mary Orosz.
Miklos Horvath Horvath and Horvat family I am looking for my family I left behide in Hungary. I was born in Felsocsatar in 1938. My Father's name was Janos Horvath and my mother's name Erzsebeth Horvat. I left in 1956.
Cathie Piller -Schneiner descendants Adamus Piller b.1759,and Marianna Schneiner b. 1763, from Lokut, Veszprem Megye,Hungary. The Piller-Istenes descendents of this line came to America in the late 1890's and settled in OH and PA.
Cathie Descendants of Andras Király,and Eva Bodnár Eva was born 11-27-1793 Lelesz, Zemplén megye, Hungary. Their only son Jozsef born 17-12-1812,in Lelesz, married Anna Réz,who was born 21-12-1814 in Lelesz. Descendents came to US in the late 1890's, settled in NY,OH,PA,MI
Yolanda Nagy Weider Sandor Nagy b.1852 d.1950 master cabinet maker
Vilma Bagary b.1858 d.1942.
Vilma had a brother in the priesthood. Trying to find any possible family or ancestral information.
A. Schuch Schuch and Paukovitz families Any help would be appreciated.
Ann Horowitz Bujanszki cosins/aunts
my uncle, Andros Bujanszki
My father's family (Bujanszki) lived in a village near Miskolc, Abaujdevecser. My grandparents have passed, but I have an aunt Piroska (don't know her married name) and two cousins Bela and Janos.
Constance Repasch Washburn Stephen Repasch and Teresa Von Hindenberg
They came here about 1900 from a city called Cheznike(?),Austria-Hungary.

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