Andrea (Mikula) Altemus John and Mary (Yurasko) Selep
maternal grandparents
John Selep and Mary Yurasko came to the USA cc.1905 - married and settled in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. John's parents: John and Martha (Sivulka) Selep. Mary's parents: John and Katherine (Hulvey) Yurasko. Their children were: Mary Mihalik, Helen (died as child), twins Irma Kmetz and Olga Petras, and Anna Mikula, my mother. Surnames in John's family: Haschak, Lichvar, Bittner, Jakubac, and Zima and in Mary's family Dudak, Bilak, Pavlik, Matolyak, Voloschuk.
Julie Jonas Joseph Jonas I'm trying to find information about my father's family. My father escaped during the Hungarian Revolution, when he acted as a body guard for a prominent dissadent. His family hails from Zalaegerszeg, near the Austrian border.
Nicholas Paul Sinaly Miklos and Anna Sinaly
They lived in Sa'rospatak, Hungary around 1900; Anna immigrated to NYC, NY.,USA about 1910/12 with my father Paul Sinaly after her husband, Sinaly Miklo's died. They lived in the castle of Sa'rospatak - my grandfather was the hunter for the prince.
Stephanie Kartis Katez or Kartis familiesName was changed to Kartis when they came to America from Hungary. I've been told it was Katez before they came to America.
Terri Trudo Sturman familyI am looking for the history of the Sturman family who immigrated to NY & VA USA in early 1900s.
Éva Anna Barsi Nyiradi and Barsi family My father was Laszlo Barsi and my mother was Rosalia Nyiradi Barsi. I live in Brazil without relatives and I´m looking for somebody of their families. My brother, Laszlo Támas Barsi was born in Budapest.
Elenore Heinig Susan Bokor Laboda
Rose Bokor Villman
These are my mother's sisters. My mother was Mary Bokor Bazsika, married Frank Bazsika and came to US in 1913 with two children--Elizabeth and Mary. Want to meet any cousins that might be still living.
Erica Kiss-Horton Istvan Lei
Margit Moravecz
Lived in Harta in 1965.Have 5 Children 1/M,4/F.No known B-place or M-place.
Anne Garrett Hegyi family Frank Hegyi, son of John Hegyi and Anna Anda married Catherine Gergacz Frank. The family came to the US from Fertoszeplak, Hungary. Frank Hegyi was my great great grandfather. Looking for relatives in Hungary.
Lenny Beck Tillie Wald Tillie Wald-born 8/23/1898. Her father was Isadore Wald
Sandi Barber Rozalia Pallai (b. 3.23.1914)
Cousin (My Mother's Father's niece)
She was born in Homrogd, her parents were Jozsef Pallai and Terezia Vaszily Pallai. A brother of Jozsef went to America in 1900, and another brother went to Canada a little later. Two grandchildren of these men found each other two years ago and met in Canada. We are now searching for descendants of 2 brothers one stayed in Hungary, another that came to US.
Nick Covell Czovek Istvan b. 1895
Jaczko Mariska b.1893
Koleszar Amalia b.1871
They were born in Zemplen County, Hungary, Lastocz(now Lastovce Slovakia), Paczin and Galszecs (now Secova Slovakia) respectively.
Dianne Vrsecky-Hettema Relatives I am looking for anyone with a surename of "Chaky (Csaki)" and "Vrsecky".
Mark Beliczky Beliczky Looking for Beliczky in Hungary formerly from village of Derno.
C Gliddenqueenbirch@hotmail.comRado and Kelemen Mary Ann Rado and Gabor/Sandor Kelemen immigrated to US in early 1900's possibly from Debrecen or Sophia.
Patirica Sennekepsennneke@yahoo.comJohn Holzer, Theresa Auer These are my great-grandparents. Looking for information about their lives before 1914, both born in Budapest.

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