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Randi Sellevold Karinthy MartonMy grandmother, Karinthy Gizella, sister of Karinthy Frigyes. She married a Norwegian businessman in 1912, and lived in Norway for the rest of her life. I have met my family in Hungary, but I can't find Marzies e-mail adress.
Robert Bernath BERNATH surname
any relatives
Looking for anyone who can give me information on the history of the BERNATH name.
Bert Wolbert Ferenc Majer and Borbala Molnar
grandparents of my wife
Parents of my mother in law Borbala Majer who left Hungary in 1921. These parents married about 1910-1912 in Budapest.
Lonny J. Watro Timko Watro and Mary Krupa
great grandparents
Timko WATRO (Watraul?)born 1858, Svdnika Austria Hungary, died January 07, 1922, Hazelton, Pennsylvania, USA, married Mary KRUPA born 1871, Wislava Austria Hungary, died May 13, 1913, Hazelton, Pennsylvania, USA. They were Bysantine Catholic and Timko WATRO claimed to be a "White Russian".
Jim Gally Andro Galij
Dan Almashy Andrew and Anna Almashy
They came from Hungary around 1884-1898 from possibly the Abara, Zemplem Megye and Oborin, Slovakia.
Candi Udy Lucskai, Barbara, grandmother
Kavajecz surname
Joseph Kavajecz, born in Mad, Hungary in 1863. GGrandmother Barbara Lucskai born in Inancs, Hungary. Seeking relatives in U.S. and Hungary.
John K. Karoly Michael John Karolyi and Julia Szimko
MJK born 3/15/1884 in Ugocsa Megye arrived US circa 1905; JS born 12/19/1892 in Ugocsa Megye arrived US circa 1920.
William Mako Mihaly Mako
He died near Eger in Cserepfalu. Although I have been to the area twice I have not been able to locate any relatives.I would like to find Hungarian relatives in Eger.
Dennis Urban Francisci Urban and Theresial Kavalesz
They lived in Litkan, Hungary. Their son Joseph U. ( b. March 7, 1882) Joseph married Helen Pasztor (b. March 4, 1888 Kisbari) on Dec. 25, 1909, in New York. Her parents Stephani Pasztor and Catharinae Kratui.
Lori Fecso Any relatives of the name Fecso I am interested in information on this last name. My grandparents were Steve and Elizabeth Fecso (madien name Toth).
Justin Rospopo / Rospapa I am related to a Charles Rospopo, maybe Rospapa who was born in America to two Hungarians who had just arrived to US. around 1890-1910.
Lois J. Kline Moritz and David Klein
g. and ggfathers
Moritz Klein born 1864, Beregszasz, Hungary, son of David Klein and Fanny Jacobvitz from Hummene.
Stephen Huszai PinkozieGrandfather came to US cc.1915 settled in Cleveland Ohio married to Mary Nagy. Would like to see if I can find the village/city he came from and see if any Pinkozies' exist.
Tracy Martinez Anton Perme and Ana Buhovac
A. P. (b Oct 2 1887) came to U.S. cc. 1900-1920. His brother Frank P. (b. in Hungary Jan 3, 1873). Ana B.'s ( b Apr 8, 1888 in Yugoslavia, Zagreb.) parents: Nikola Buhovac and Maranot Podrevanac Lokach. I am searching for relatives outside the U.S.
Wanda Hart John Vanko and Mary Czesta
Lived in the area that changed from Hungary to Slovakia.
Becky Smith Istenes and Monar familiesIstenes Istvan, (b. 2 Apr 1868) married Monar Barbola (b. 6 Jan 1872). They came to USA in cc 1889 from Austria Hungary.
Mary Herczog Andrew Nigut (Andras Nyguth)
He abandoned wife Maria Jablonkai, around 1895. He may have emigrated from Szepsi (now in Slovakia) to America, or never left Hungary. I am trying to find out what happened to him and if there are any Niguts/Nyguth relatives of mine in Hungary or Slovakia.
Mary Sieting Andrew Gerenday(Gerendoi)
He came from near Zomba, Hungary to the US between 1890 and 1905. Any help would be appreciated

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