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Mailing Lists

The 2 mailing lists are important to try. Just send e-mail to the address and put "subscribe" to the subject line to sign up. You can learn from others' experiences - and both lists will keep you busy. :-) I signed up to try both, and got 8-10 e-mails every day. You will meet people in your shoes from everywhere in the world to share questions, resources and experience.
You can post your questions, concerns and hopefully will receive meaningful information.
Both of these lists have digest versions if you don't have too much time for correspondence.
1. A mailing list for those doing research in the Banat region of former Hungary.
2. A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in Hungary including the lands that are not part of today's Hungary including regions of the historical Austria-Hungary Empire.

Other websites, might interest you

1. The main Hungarian genealogy site with lots of links and help
Hungary Gen Web
2. Another good site with Eastern European pages:
Family Tree -- Genealogical Research
3. Alex Glendinning's Hungarian Pages
4. List of Hungarian Given Names
5. Church Record Translations English, Hungarian, Latin and Slovak expressions.

The Hungarian White Pages

You can search for certain names in certain town(s). Be careful and wach your spelling though. There are Hungarian vowels with accent, like , , that are not equal to a,e etc.
Be sure in the spelling before you search, or try more options if you are not sure. You can put a * for the letter you are not sure.

As a result, you will get the name, address and telephone number of people in your query.

Search public records in the 50 states of USA. You can find information here that NOT found in online phonebooks. By sorting using a Date of Birth you can better match your subject to a name:

Do you have old letters written in Hungarian? If you think they might answer some questions in your research, I translate them for you in 3 days. Ask for details

Online and pocket dictionaries and electronic translators from Ectaco

ECTACO Electronic Dictionary Language: Direction:
Into English
From English

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