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Austro-Hungarian Empire
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Central Europe's largest genealogical and probate bureau was established in Budapest (Hungary) in 1988.
Mailing list, references, order form.
Cross-reference of first names
Given first names to their Czechoslovakian, German, Hungarian, Polish or Slovakian equivalents.
Brigitte Gastel Lloyd's Genealogy Pages
More than 25,000 mostly for German roots in German
History of German Settlementsin Southern Hungary
Genealogy research in Hungary. Also personalized search (not free)
WorldGenWeb page
for Hungary
Family search Library Catalog
Hungarian pagesfrom
National archives of Hungary (in Hungarian)
Budapest City Archives
Family Tree Genealogical and Probate Research Bureau
Transylvania lobby

Private webpages

the History of Visks
families with pictures, and compiled genealogys of Visk families.
Demeter surname page

Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn
Genealogy Research Pages
Traditional Music Dance &
Handicraft in Hungary

Personal Hungarian Genealogy Pages

The Orosz and Nagy families
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