Hungarian Alphabet

Hungarian is a unique and hard language. It has no relationship neither with the big European nor the Slavik languages. But there is good news here - the pronounciation is easier than it is in English, since each letter has just one spelling pattern. However many Americans have problem with pronounciation, because there are some "strange" - that sounds strange to English speakers. Let's start with the Hungarian alphabet now, that consits of 44 letters. I list them here and you can download the spelling in a .wav sound file.

Magyar ABC

Download the whole ABC. Print the ABC and listen the sound file - try to practice these sounds a little.

a ejótx
á ékötyy

Let's practice these strange sounds a little more in some basic Hungarian words.
Download the sound file to practice now.
süt (bake)hűtés (cooling)ül (sit)
köd (fog)föld (ground)öröm (happyness)
hit (faith)híd (bridge)írni (to write)
hát (back)kád (bath-tub)sál (scarf)
vér (blood)négy (four)kérdez (ask)

And another pronounciation practice. Listen and say the next words, all contain strange sounds.
Download the sound file to practice now.
erős (strong)szőlő (grape)győz (win)
csak (just)csík (stripe)csacsi (donkey)
kutya (dog)latyak (slush)tyúk (hen)
rózsa (rose)zsúr (party)zsák (sack)
nyár (summer)kenyér (bread)nyeremény (prize)

For more practice here is a second page with prounciation excercises.