Budapest and Vicinity

Please, look to the North from Budapest first, to the Royal Danube Bend. Just 20 minutes from the capital this is a wonderful place with historical castles, churches and medieval towns. The unique and splendid fusion of Nature and Man's creation will delight you and will give various entertainment. It can be reached by car, local train or - the most romantic way - by boat from Budapest.

Szentendre Throughout the world there is hardly any other town like Szentendre. This artists'world has more than 20 museums and galleries - with just 20,000 inhabitants. There is a Roman Stone collection here, a baroque Cathedral, gothic church and many other medieval buildings and paintings here.

Ruins of the Royal Palace The remnants of the Royal palace can be viewed here with museums and tour guides.

Visegrad The old Salamon Tower in Visegrad. First the Romans built fortifications here, later the Hungarian kings established a system of forts. In a few miles the Pilis forest offers rambling, jogging and hunting facilities.

Visegrad 2. The second part of the system of forts, the so-called "Fellegvar". From its tower one can see the whole area wth hills, forests, castles and the beatuiful river, the Danube.

Esztergom Esztergom was a Royal Seat and Hungary's first capital for 250 years. The nation's first king and founder, St. Stephen was born here and crowned in 1000. It is famous for its Basilica,the Library, museums, chapels and a medieval spa.

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