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1.The first picture shows a famous painting of Festy Arpád. Where in Hungary can you find this painting?
Answer: Ópusztaszer

2.What was the historical event this painting describes?
Answer: The Hungarian Conquest (in 896)

3. Which part of Hungary is the origin of this colorful Matyó folkculture?
Answer: Mezőkövesd (Even if the most known place is Kalocsa, this costumes is from Mezőkövesd

4.In which Hungarian town can we find this "Showy Palace"?
Answer: Kecskemét (My birth town)

5.Which famous Hungarian composer was born in this town?
Answer: Kodály Zoltán (all of the other composers were Hungarians)

6. The last picture shows a statue of a big Hungarian king and his wife. What is the name of the king?
Answer: Mátyás

7. His famous army saved the country for decades from the largest invadors of the 15th - 16th century. Which army?
Answer: Osman (Turkish) (Later they occupied Hungary for 150 years)

8.This king had a famous library, one of the largest of those years
Answer: Corvina

9. Which of the next countries has no border with Hungary?
Answer: Czech Republic

10. Which of the following nations is not related to the Hungarian nation?
Answer: Austrians

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