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1. The first picture shows the arrival of the Magyars. Who is the painter of this painting?
Answer: Munkácsy Mihály

2. Which is the painting of the same painter from the following:
Answer: Ecce Homo

3. The second picture shows a famous church in Hungary. Which one?
Answer: The Mátyás Church in Budapest

4. The third picture shows a young Hungarian politician. What is his name?
Answer: Orbán Viktor

5. He was the president of a poltical party when the picture was taken. Which party?
Answer: FIDESZ (Young Democrata Party)

6. What is his office today??
Answer: Prime Minister

7. The last picture is a statue of a Hungarian royal couple. Who is this Hungarian king with his wife?
Answer: Szent István (Saint Stephan I.)

8.When was the first Hungarian king crowned?
Answer: in 1000. St. Stepahan got his crown from the Pope.

9. Approximately how many Hungarians live in the world?
Answer: 12-13 million

10. When did Hungary join to NATO?
Answer: March, 1999

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