The Hungarian agár is as old as the vizsla. Early Hungarians, Magyars as they name themselves settled in Eastern Europe, coming from the Ural hills, Asia. They brought their beloved dogs with them, the vizslas, agars, komondors and the most known pulis. The primary job of the agár was (and still is) coursing hare and fox. The quickness of his feet is rivaled only by the quickness of his mind. His sight is far superior to his scenting ability. The Agar is a fun-loving dog, always enjoying the company of man. He needs regular runs. With proper care, he is a calm, affectionate dog. Height - 25 to 27 1/2 inches (63 to 70 cm). Weight - 49 to 68 pounds (22 to 31 kg). Coat type - short and coarse, providing good protection.

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