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Cheryl Makaro Makaro and Bobonich
distant relatives
Looking for anyone who can give us information on the history of the Makaro, and Bobnich family.
Elissa Belknap John and Julia Niederle
Any information would be appreciated
Thomas Looking for a pre-1850 town, named Schmollnitz in Hungary (or the old Ausro-Hungarian Empire. Any help would be much appreciated.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Janice Adam Menrath, great grandfather
Michael Adam Menrath grandfather
Believed Michael may have been born
on a ship coming to US. Michael was born February 3, 1902.
Louis any Huss or Strickberger family member. My family was from Szeged area
Doris & John Holdorf Maria Rubacha, John's mother
and Roman Komenda, Cousin of Maria Rubacha
Searching for ancestoral village(s) somewhere
in AH. Maria R. BD 1892 Maria's mother:Aleksandra Komenda BD 1872 Stepf. Mark
Rubacha BD 1870. Roman K. BD 1893 in Liebendorf. It is suggested I look in the northeast corner of Hung. Roman married Angelina Hrencenko BD 1903. Believe Roman K. served in the Hung. army in WW1. Searching for village(s), ancestors, any living rel.
PhyllisPMede85623@aol.comBartha and Benda, relatives Looking for relatives of Bertha(born around 1895),& Frank(born around 1890) Bartha. Who came to America 1900-1915 & resided in New Jersey. Bertha married Joseph Soskuty(my great-grandparents).
Bertha & Frank are related(by marrage?) to the Kissley's & the Kornell's.
Also, Bertha & Frank's mother's name was Esther Benda(b.1873?), their father was Carol Bartha(b.1870?). Joseph Soskuty's father, John, had property in Szolnok Co. Joseph's mother's name was Marie Czirenko.
Ray Slack Frank Kalman and Sophia Anna Goldinak, grandparents Looking for relatives of Frank Kalman born in Durand, Szepes megye Hungary on 8-16-1886 and immigrated to America from Bremen, Germany aboard the vessel Barbarosa on 2-16-1905, and Sophia Anna Goldinak born in Bobrov,Orawski,Zupa,Czechoslovakia on 5-15-1888 and arrived in Chicago about 6-8-1904.
Mike Ignatius Roskovitch, wife's greatgranfather He was an ecclesistical painter in the 19th century.
Violet Oelker viopki@aol.comAdam Menrath and Adam Menrath-nee
My father came from Hungary he was born on ship coming over i would like any info when they come to this country am sure the name is mispelled. Michael was born in 1903? he had no birth certificate
Cliff János Zsolt Torok
my father
He was born in 6/25/1932, Budapest, Roman Catholic. Doctor of Obstetrics & Humanities, came to US in 1956. Went back to rescue my Mom in 1967. Never heard from him - we presume he is dead. Any info, please contact.
Edward Parr family members My grandfather Andrew Parr arrived in usa early of 20th century. We would like to know if any family left in Hungary. My wife and I will be visiting Budapest in April.
Cathy (Lischka Bruckbauer Lischka, Kipper, and Schoenherr Johan Lischka, wife Barbara (Kipper), and 3 children came to Chicago from Lovrin (now Romania) in 1906. Karl Lischka married Catherine Schoenherr, who also came with family from Lovrin.
Byron DeWayne Blunt Jr. Blunt Relatives I live in Indianapolis, IN. Contact me by my Toll Free Voice Mail at: 1-888-700-9849 Ext. 9002. My age: 17.
Michel Pouplet François Chomode
Catherine Badart
Jean Chomode's parents, born ca 1777 at Pest and having reached France as a Napoleon's prisonner. I hope to find his birth and his parents marriage (Pest)
Debora Colquhoun Garbo and Margaret Silverman
father, and mother-in-law
Garbo died in Toronto, Canada on December 25,1960 Margaret remarried Joesph Muranyi and was born March 4,1936- 37.
Georgia Golian Andrew Golian and Dora Tusim Golian
Grandfather came to America-1900-1902-Dora and three sons,martin-emerish-andrew-came-1910.related to Hustavas-Lalicks- Jagodas. Searching for any info on them. Came from Detva-Zvolen area we think. First to Pennsylvania, then to Missouri-Roman Catholics.
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