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Barbara Kuhn Frank and Ethal Konchek
They came to the U.S. in 1907 with Franks mother Lousie she was 78 years old. The spelling of Konchek my be diferent. He was a shoe store owener. and info please.
Barbara Konchek Steve and Mary Resko
They came to the states in 1919 My mother was 7yrs old then. They lived on a farm. There was a Pettrie who was a Bishop or a cardnal in the catholic church.
Kathleen Trombley Samuel Kaldy and Sara Paloczy
great-great grandparents
His place of birth was Hajdunanas, Hungary. He visited Hungary around 1964 so there must have been relatives then. He went to: Dobo' Tetvain ut 26, Hajdunanas. He was born 3/10/1883. Another address I have: Szamossy Ferencz fenykepesz Kassa Fo-utca 1.
Kenneth Kun Steven Kun and Steven Kardos
They came to Halifax Canada in 1906 from Tolna county, Hung. I am looking for information on the Kun or Kardos families in Hungary.
Kirk Smarko(Czmarko) Czmarko
anyone with this last name
Trying to find anyone with this last name. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
Kathy Churilla Csurilla and Peter Viszlay (Viszlai)
They were from Hidvegardo, Hungary. Looking for any information.
G Crawford Sandor TOTH Sr.
1st cousin of my g-g- grandaunt Roza BEJCZY (BOLLA)
In 1956 my great-great-grand aunt Roza BEJCZY died in Detroit, Michigan, USA. In her will she mentions her first cousin Sandor TOTH Sr. living in Szekszard, Tolna, Hungary. I'm am looking for his descendants.
Frank Renner John Renner and Elizabeth Holzbauer
They lived in a town Lukot, which I cannot find on any map. Is it still there, or has the name been changed? They had at least 4 sons born between 1890 & 1902 who migrated to the U.S. John was a blacksmith.
Lester C.Kish Horváth Józsefné and Kovács Ottóné They live in Devecser in Veszprem County, Hungary.
Robert Ugrovics Elizabeth Pecsi and George Pabli Elizabeth lived in Feher Megye. George may have lived there as well but we are not sure. They came to America in the early 1900's. Elizabeth was a cook for a nobleman in Feher.
Jim Simon Albert Simon and Maria Elizabeth Kolpak
Albert SIMON (b. 1889) in Darocz, Bereg County, Hungary and came to USA in 1901. Maria came from Abaúj-Torna County, Hungary.(b 1890) Her parents John Kolpak(Colpok) and Susannah Lazko. Her father died ca 1900 and her mother immigrated with her two children, Maria and John, to Montana Mines, WV. There she married Michael Babzak who had earlier immigrated (and was now a citizen) from Zemplen County.
Rolica Mezei Thomas Mezei from Szabolcs megye
greatgrandfather,need info on his wife
He married into the Esterhazy family. Had two sons Josef and Thomas, who were heirs to the throne and had to flee Hungary. My greatgrandfather remarried and I'd like to know what happened to his first wife who was an Esterhazy.
Sharon Guerra Maria Bihari and Bertalan Soltesz
Relatives of grandfather, Stephen Shultesz Kvichak
He was born in 1908 in USA to Elisabeth Lovasz and Joseph Shultesz. We have 3 letters (from '56) from Miklosne Bihari (Maria Matisz). She calls my grandfather as "brother". She sends a picture of Bertalan Soltesz.
Mark Jenei Istvan Jenei and Istvan Balogh
Great grandfathers
Istvan Jenei, from Szokefalva Austria Hungary. Istvan & Rebecca Bala or Balogh, from Hederfaja Austria Hungary. All of great grandparents would have been born cc.1850's.
Shirley Scott Gustav (August) Toth and Teresa Hegedus Toth
Both are from Fabianhaza, Hungary. Married 1914 in Homestead, PA. My grand-mother's parents are Maria Angyal & Andras Hegedus. My grand-father's are Gyorgy Toth & Anna Toth (her maiden name is Toth)
Amanda Scheirich Josef Scheirich or Melchior Wald
My father and his parents came to the U.S. in 1951. My gm, Anna Wald, b. in Mersch and my gf, Josef Scheirich, came from Etyek.
Velma Dundas Alakszai and Polnai
grandparents' relatives
My gf b. Dec 4, 1894 in Mezo-Kaszony, Bereg, Hungary. He married Marie Polnai (b.Feb. 14, 1902) in Sarospatak cc. 1911. My mother, Mary, b. in Sarospatak, Dec. 8, 1921. Trying to find relatives of them.

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